The Barix Instreamer audio encoder is an intelligent streaming component that converts analog and digital audio into high quality MP3 streams, which it then transmits onto the network. Amazing Swiss quality you can depend on.


  • IP Audio Encoding
  • Residential, commercial and professional audio encoding


  • High quality audio encoder with line level for MP3, G711 and PCM format
  • Has inputs for all sound sources for IP audio encoding from tuners to record, tape, MD and CD players
  • Monitors and controls the directly attached equipment
  • Easily controlled using your standard web browser (PC, palm, etc.) or IR remote control (Barix accessory)


The Exstreamer 100 family of products decode IP Audio streams and play out the recieved Audio signal to amplifiers or speakers. Supporting a large number of protocols, encoding methods and application specific firmware, the products can be used for Broadcast, Internet Radio, as well as VoIP applications. Control and local storage interfaces are device specific to match different use cases.


  • Multiroom IP Audio System Receiver
  • Internet Radio Receiver
  • Instore Audio Player
  • SIP and IP Paging Zone Device
  • Digital Annunciator, Message Player, Message Repeater
  • Generic VoIP decoder for IP Paging and Announcement applications
  • Commercial Audio Streaming Applications


  • AACplus, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, G.711, PCM linear Decoding
  • IP Streaming via TCP, UDP, RTP, Multicast
  • Line Level Output (Stereo)
  • Relay Output (Ex110 & Ex120 only)
  • RS-232 Serial Port
  • Power Supply (9-30V, plug included)
  • IR receiver and Display built-in (Ex110 & Ex120 only)
  • MicroSD or USB Flash Interface

    Barix Instreamer / Exstreamer 100 Package

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