The LX-5212U is a 12" Digital and Analog Clock. The unit is designed to read and display time as received from most any source of time code. Alternatively, the clock may be manually set and operated in stand-alone mode. Six 1" high LEDs display hours, minutes and seconds. Simultaneously, 60 discrete LEDs simulate the "analog" sweep of the Second Hand. Twelve other discrete LEDs, located around the dial at 5-second increments, stay lit continuously and serve as reference indicators. Three Brightness controls allow the intensity of the three "sets" of LEDs to be set independently. The unit accepts several types of input data: SMPTE/EBU time code, ESE Time Code™ (or ESE Timer Code™ - the right hand picture above shows a Countdown Timer display) or ASCII time code. The code format is automatically detected. If the time code source should fail, the decimal point located between hours and ten's of minutes flashes to alert you of the failure, and the clock will continue to keep time using its internal crystal. The LED Second Hand may be configured in any one of three modes (Accumulate, Eliminate and Single) and is switchable on-the-fly. If receiving 24 hour format time code (or 12 hour format with an AM/PM bit), the unit may be configured for 12 or 24 hour format. The LX-5212U also provides a Time-Zone offset feature that adds a selected number of hours to the incoming time code value. 

ESE LX-5212U Combo Analog & Digital Clock

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