The LX-5112U is a Wall Mount Analog Clock with a 12" viewing diameter. The LX-5112U is designed to operate as a Time Code Reader or Stand-Alone Clock. It can read, decode and display time information from most any Master Clock or other source of time code. The clock will display time as received from a source of SMPTE/EBU, ASCII (format 0, 1, 8 or A) or ESE Time Code™. After a very simple "set-up" procedure and receipt of time code, the unit automatically sets itself to the exact time and continuously slaves to the time code (If time code is lost, an error indicator is lit and the clock continues counting while referencing an internal crystal time base).

In absence of external Time Code the unit may be set to real time and allowed to run based on its internal crystal oscillator. The second hand is completely silent and can be programmed for "Sweep" mode or "Step" mode.

The initial set-up allows the unit to have its hours (and/or minutes) offset to that of another time zone. Also, since the clock can continuously track time code, there is no need to twice annually compensate for daylight saving time (assuming the Master Clock automatically adjusts itself accordingly).

ESE LX5112 Analog Studio Clock

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