Robbie is a Class-A discrete tube preamp that reveals the true tone of your voice or instrument. Robbie brings our heritage of design innovation and premium sound to your entire recording process. Featuring audiophile-grade components and an IC-free signal path, Robbie the Mic Pre delivers superior accuracy and transparency every time. With an unprecedented 34dB of headroom before clipping, Robbie will add depth and dimensionality to your recordings.

obbie puts an end to the tube vs. solid-state debate by combining the best aspects of each into one premium preamp. The fully discrete ECC88 twin triode tube input and gain stage deliver warm, rich and detailed tone—while the electronically balanced solid-state output ensures pristine sound with unmatched clarity. Together, it’s two halves of the same whole of audio quality—aka, perfection.

Every feature was designed to deliver the absolute highest sound quality. From the audiophile-grade ultra low noise metal film resistors and polystyrene capacitors, to the highest-quality discrete components for input and output, Robbie ensures unmatched performance. And with no IC’s in the signal path, you’ll never compromise the tone you worked so long to perfect.

ROBBIE The Mic PRE Flagship Tube Mic and Instrument Preamp

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